Phunware Ontology

This section describes the collection of entities and relationships that form the connected data model.

The Phunware Ontology is a collection of named entities with specific properties and relationships. The ontology provides the technical foundation for all data products.

Our ontology leverages W3C industry standards (RDF/OWL) and open vocabularies such as to enable data exchange interoperability. The ontology can be easily extended by customers to adapt the data model to unique business processes. The ontology consists of:

  • Entities - real world "things" (e.g. MobileDevice, City)
  • Relations - relationships between two entities (e.g., Person "owns" MobileDevice).
  • Taxonomies - hierarchical constructs to organize and browse data (e.g., mobile apps organized into categories)


The Phunware Ontology includes the following entities.

AccountAn account used by a person.
BrandA particular name for a type of product made by a particular company.
CityA local administrative unit ranked below a State (or a province or a region)
CongressionalDistrictAn electoral constituency that elects a single member of the US Congress.
CountryA country.
CustomSegmentA category of mobile devices based on a unique, demonstrated usage pattern.
GeoCircleA representation of a circular geographic area.
GeoHashA string encoding of the latitude and longitude that identifies a rectangular cell on earth (Geohash)
HouseholdA unit of one or more people that share a dwelling.
LanguageA Language with a ISO 639 name and a 2 char code (ISO 639-1)
MediaAn advertisement or push message.
MediaChannelThe platform that delivered the digital media.
MediaSummaryAn aggregated summary of impressions and clicks for a particular Media.
MobileApplicationA software application that runs on a MobileDevice.
MobileDeviceA device such as a smartphone or a tablet
OrgAn organization such as a business.
PersonA person.
PlaceA physical place (point of interest).
PostalCodeA code used for the purpose of sorting mail.
ResidenceThe place where a person lives.
SegmentAn audience segment.
StateA state or province of a country.
WiFiAccessPointA wireless access point.
ZoneA specific area within a Venue.


The Phunware Ontology contains the following relations (connections) between entities.

Object PropertyDefinitionFrom -> To
associatedWithA generic relationship associating any two entities.Any entity -> Any entity
bornInThe Country a Person is born in.Person -> Country
broaderA hierarchical relationship between two SKOS concepts.
belongsToThe assignment of a MobileDevice to a specific segment.MobileDevice -> CustomSegment, LifeStage, Intent, Interest
isConnectedToA connection between a MobileDevice to a WiFiAccessPoint.MobileDevice -> WiFiAccessPoint
containedInPlaceA spatial, hierarchical relation between two geographical places.GeoHash -> City
City -> State
State -> Country
PostalCode -> Country
GeoHash -> Venue
Zone -> Venue
Residence -> PostalCode
Residence -> City
CongressionalDistrict -> State
deliveredByMedia is delivered by a digital advertising platform.Media -> MediaChannel
knowsLanguageA relation between a Person and a Language known by that person.Person -> Language
languageSetToThe relation between a MobileDevice and its Language setting.MobileDevice -> Language
memberOfThe assignment of a Person to a Household.Person -> Household
isInstalledOnThe relation between a MobileApplication and a MobileDevice, and a WiFiAccessPoint and a Venue.MobileApplication -> MobileDevice

WifiAccessPoint -> Venue
isSeenInThe assignment of a MobileDevice to a GeoHash based on location activity.MobileDevice -> GeoHash
isSeenInCongressionalDistrictThe assignment of a MobileDevice to a Congressional District based on location activity.MobileDevice -> CongressionalDistrict
isSeenInPostalCodeThe assignment of a MobileDevice to a PostalCode based on location activity.MobileDevice -> PostalCode
isSeenInStateThe assignment of a MobileDevice to a State based on location activity.MobileDevice -> State
isSeenInZoneThe assignment of a MobileDevice to Zone based on location activity.MobileDevice -> Zone
nationalOfThe assignment of a Person to a nationality.Person -> Country
ownsThe assignment of an ownership between a person and device.Person -> MobileDevice
residentOfThe assignment of a Person to Country of residence.Person -> Country
residesAtThe assignment of a Person or Household to Residence.Person -> Residence
Household -> Residence


The Phunware Ontology includes a hierarchical taxonomy for organizing audience segment data. The taxonomy enable marketers to design audiences with demographic, interest and purchase intent segments in the data exchange.

SegmentsA hierarchy of marketing segments for demographics, interest and purchase intent.