Activate Audiences

This section describes the steps to activate audiences on demand side platforms.

Audience Activation Channels

After the audience has been derived from the design criteria, the audience can be exported (delivered) to advertising platforms for activation. The following channels are currently available with more planned:

  • Phunware - fully managed service for advertising campaigns managed by Phunware.
  • Beeswax - audiences (segments) delivered to a customers account. See the information that is required to provision Beeswax integration.
  • Secure File Transport (SFTP) - file delivery to a customer's SFTP host
  • Amazon S3 - file delivery to a customer's S3 bucket

Exporting to Phunware's DSP

For the managed service scenario where Phunware is running the media, marketer is required to "request" the audience export to Phunware's DSP for activation.

Click on the 3-circle visual for the audience to be exported and select the Export action.


An alternative name for the audience can be assigned at the time of export. This will be the name that appears on the demand side platform and referenced in the targeted campaign. The request will be reviewed by Phunware's operations team and either approved or rejected.