Datasets Overview

This section describes the data content for data feeds.

Phunware Datasets are mobile data delivered in popular formats for analytics and data science.

  • Location History - Mobile device location data points derived from mobile app usage.
  • Device Info - Hardware and software information about the device.
  • Address-Device Match - A probabilistic match of devices to physical addresses based on location signals.
  • Mobile App Usage - App-Device-Location link for app-centric analysis.
  • Knowledge Graph - a dataset of real-world entities connected by relationships for high-performance information retrieval.
  • Custom Data Feed - A data product based on unique customer requirements that require specific data processing and output format.

Data Storage Formats

Datasets are available in popular storage formats for analytics and data science:

  • Apache Parquet - open-source compressed, efficient columnar data representation
  • Delimited - comma-separated (CSV) or tab-separated (TSV) text files
  • Graph - connected data in the form of entities, properties, and relationships
  • JSON - open-standard structured format consisting of attribute-value pairs