Device Info Dataset

Mobile device hardware and software characteristics

The Device Info data feed is delivered as a TSV file with the following fields.

FieldDescriptionData TypeExample
ifaMobile advertising ID - a unique, user-resettable ID for advertisingString00006e84-b499-4e16-9cc0-c3df13c71cf0
ifaTypeThe encoding of the mobile advertising IDStringraw, SHA1, MD5
manufacturerThe manufacturer of the deviceStringApple
modelA unique identifier for the model of the deviceStringiPhone X
operatingSystemThe operating system name (e.g. iOS, Android)Stringios
operatingSystemVersionThe version of the operating systemString12.0
macThe media access control address (MAC address) that represents the unique hardware identification of a device. Note that this field is collected for SDK and WiFi events onlyStringca:f0:1a:53:2d:e3
deviceLanguageThe language setting of the deviceStringen