Data Exchange and DSP Integration

This section describes how Phunware's data exchange integrates with Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).

Audience Integration Methods

This section describes the two integration methods available for delivering audiences created in the data exchange to a DSP for activation. Phunware supports both direct API integration (preferred) and SFTP file integration.

Beeswax DSP - Direct API Integration##

Phunware's data exchange is integrated directly with Beeswax via a Beeswax API.

Beeswax User Account Credentials - data exchange customers will need to provide Phunware with the configuration details below to enable seamless integration to their Beeswax account.

Beeswax UsernameBeeswax account username
Beeswax PasswordBeeswax account password
Buzzkeyunique key string assigned to customer account
AWS Access Key ID20 uppercase character string, found under Users in the dashboard
AWS Secret Key40 base64 character string
AWS Bucket namename of the S3 bucket.
AWS Folder pathbase folder path
AWS Regionthe AWS region this bucket is provisioned in.

SFTP Integration##

This section describes the SFTP host configuration and structure of audience data content in the file that Phunware will be deliver to a DSP partner.

SFTP Configuration###

The DSP partner shall provide Phunware with the following configuration details of the SFTP host for Phunware to post audiences to a DSP via SFTP.

  • SFTP username
  • SFTP password
  • SFTP folder
  • SFTP host name
  • SFTP port number

SFTP File Content###

After a customer has initiated an audience export, Phunware will transport the audience data in a file per the configuration below:

Filename: ".csv" (example: 245.csv).

Note that the unique audience upload ID is created by Phunware.

Folder name on SFTP: (example: 3604)

Record content syntax: "|""-"

The channelKey is assigned by Phunware.

Example of a row: 3b0de5ee-6aa1-42c6-b62e-c70523ef8e3c|-193

Note that "ifa" is the mobile advertising ID and "|" is a pipe. The unique audience ID provides end-to-end traceability for personal data usage and audience activation metrics.

Impression Log Integration

Impression Log Schema##

This section describes the impression log schema that Phunware requires from a DSP partner to enable audience activation reporting and consumer payouts of digital assets. The text file shall be delivered as a CSV (comma separated value) file per the schema.

Many of these fields below derive directly from the IAB OpenRTB 2.3 Specification)

FieldDefinitionExample DataRequired
logIdA unique key to the impression record with a syntax of "channelKey"-"unique id"-d7f8fe50-4e77-48d2-811b-163d4f635b96Yes
audienceIdThe unique identifier of the audience that was used in the targeted media.

This ID is assigned by Phunware when the audience is created.
ifaMobile ID sanctioned for advertiser use in the clear (i.e., not hashed).000e2f19-5ec8-4bb9-ac75-d5934defc651Yes
currencyCurrency as ISO-4217 alpha codes (3-char)USDYes
bundleStoreIdApplication bundle or package name (e.g.,

This is the unique ID in the Apple App Store or Google Play.
domainDomain of the
carrierName of the carrier or ISP.VerizonOptional
modelThe model of the device.Galaxy s7Optional
manufacturerThe manufacturer of the device.SamsungOptional
operatingSystemThe operating system installed on the device.AndroidRequired
operatingSystemVersionThe version of the operating system running on the mobile device.5.4Optional
ipThe IP address closest to the device.
deviceTypeThe general type of device per OpenRTB spec.4Optional
countryCountry code per ISO-3166-1-alpha-3.USAOptional
cityThe city nameAustinOptional
postalCodeThe postal code / zip code78757Optional
advertiserIdThe unique ID of the advertiser.21Optional
advertiserNameThe name of the advertiser.Live NationYes
brandThe name of the brand associated with the advertisement.Post MaloneYes
dmaDesignated Market Area611Optional
latitudeThe latitude location of the device.30.287575Yes
longitudeThe longitude location of the device.-97.733911Yes
lineItemIdThe line item ID.10341Yes
placementIdThe unique placement ID.10721Optional
creativeIdThe unique creative ID29930Optional
cidThe campaign ID corresponding to this media.10305Yes
bidPriceBid price expressed as CPM although the actual transaction is
for a unit impression only.

Note that while the type indicates float, integer math is highly recommended when handling
currencies (e.g., BigDecimal in Java).
spendRevenue amount expressed in CPM for the impression.2.50Optional
trafficSourceThe traffic supply source that auctioned the impression.OpenXOptional
ckThe number of clicks per impression.1Optional
ccThe number of conversion per impression.1Optional
gdprSignals whether or not the bid request is subject to GDPR regulations.0 = No, 1 = YesYes
consentConvey user consent when GDPR regulation are in effect.0 = No, 1 = YesYes
auctionIdThe unique ID of the impression provided by the channel.d7f8fe50-4e77-48d2-811b-163d4f635b96Yes
deviceLangugageThe language set on the mobile device (ISO-639-1-alpha-2).enOptional
mediatypeThe type of media that delivered the impression (e.g. video, banner).bannerOptional
widthWidth of the impression in pixels.320Optional
heightHeight of the impression in pixels.40Optional
geoTypeSource of the location data to indicate how the geographic information was determined.1 - GPS
2 - IP Address
3 - User Provided

Impression Log File Delivery to Phunware##

This section specifies the file structure and file delivery requirements.

  • The impression log shall be created as a comma separated text file (CSV).
  • The impression log file shall be delivered daily to Phunware's AWS account.
  • Phunware will process the log files within 48 hours.