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Data Exchange Overview

Phunware Data Exchange connects brands, consumers and app publishers in a data marketplace to exchange value.

  • The self-service platform enables digital marketers to easily build unique, scalable audiences that can be delivered to programmatic advertising platforms for activation.
  • Transparency into the audience data and data usage memorialized to the blockchain provides full auditability to brands and consumers.
    *The ecosystem is powered by two unique digital assets (PhunCoin, Phun) to streamline payment and reward data providers.

For Digital Marketers:

  • Data Label - easily view segment metadata during audience building to gain transparency into origin, definition, derivation logic, scale, refresh date
  • Trustworthy Data - data from people verified via a 3rd party increases media targeting efficacy and relevancy to consumers
  • Audit Trail - easily view impressions served, devices reached and payouts for full auditability into audience usage

For Consumers:

  • PhunWallet - securely manage & share personal data, receive digital asset rewards in a secure wallet via an easy-to-use mobile app
  • Data Usage Tracking - view traceability of when and how personal data was used in digital marketing campaigns
  • PhunCoin/Phun - receive compensation in the form of digital assets for voluntarily sharing data and demonstrating profitable behaviors

For App Publishers:

  • Data Exchange SDK - securely send mobile app data to Phunware with complete control over what is shared in the data exchange
  • Dashboards - easily view the balances of digital assets earned, analytics of users added to the ecosystem and earnings from data usage
  • PhunCoin/Phun - receive compensation in the form of digital assets for bringing app users into the ecosystem and when the data is used by marketers

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Data Exchange Overview

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